RIP Larry Cassidy, frontman of Section 25, dead at 56
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Section 25 frontman Larry Cassidy, 56, has died. The news was first reported by journalist and punk musician John Robb on his blog; at this time, no cause of death has been released.

Larry and his brother, Vincent, formed Section 25 in 1977 and were signed to Factory Records. Highly influenced by Joy Division, the band's first single, "Girls Don't Count," was produced by Larry's mentor and friend, Ian Curtis. However, their biggest and most influential single was arguably "Looking From a Hilltop" from the 1984 album, From The Hip. The single was a radical departure from previous releases, especially since the vocals were sung by Larry's then-wife, Jenny, who died of cancer in 2004. Section 25 disbanded in 1986, but re-formed shortly before Jenny's death to record Part-Primitiv.

Despite taking a long break from music after the collapse of the Factory label, Larry stayed busy, touring with friend and former label mate Peter Hook in 2008 and releasing Nature + Degree in May 2009. Larry and Vincent were working on another CD release, Retrofit, at the time of his death and had played a gig together in Brussels December 12, 2009. Larry's daughter, Bethany, recently joined the band and sung vocals on new and old tracks -- including the ones originally sung by her mother, Jenny.
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Once you've left the floor there ain't no beat no more
Once you've left the floor there ain't no beat no more
Light shines on and on,
Light shines on and on,
Light shines on and on,
Light shines on and on.

Thanks for the music.
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Aw man. Will listen to "Dirty Disco" and "Girls Don't Count" tonight in his honor.
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Awesome blog Coilhouse has a nice collection of Section 25 Youtube, mostly just music recordings. I'd never heard of the band before. I'm enjoying listening to Always Now.
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Sad to hear this. I was a big fan of theirs back when I was into the whole Factory Records thing. Still have them on my Ipod, I'll give a special listen tonight. Thanks for posting this.
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I am saddened by all the tragedy that marred his life, but inspired by his die-hard optimism that his vision of music was worth pursuing until the end.
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