I may be mentally disabled as well but, if so, I am too far gone to realize.
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Pink Terror by Mike Barzman. Shot on a Phantom High Speed Camera with Stephen Hawking commentary. Barz Art has stills (JPG) and audio (MP3) that can be downloaded. Phantom camera previously mentioned here: High Speed Slow Motion Video Gallery.
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I wish they would have shot it at regular speed. That way it would have been over sooner.
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Enjoyed. Thanks. I use an EX-F1 to do slow motion, and while it's not exactly comparable to the Phantom in terms of power or resolution, it's a hell of a lot of fun.
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Good stuff.
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Speaking of Stephen Hawking, this short explanation of relativity is fascinating.
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That Hawking interview is pretty awesome, and goes reallyw ell with the music and the images. The "Maybe" at the end is particularly poignant.

But that doesn't change the fact that whenever I hear him, I just think of his Futurama appearances.
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Gallagher Delocated. Slowly. eh.
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I know the effect wears thin for some people, but I freakin' love the Phantom camera and the footage it has been providing recently. I could seriously watch it all day; it's like seeing a completely familiar thing for the very first time. Neat.

And now I really want a mustard colored MP5 with a suppressor. You know... for art.
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Pretty cool, I could watch this stuff all day as well. Of course, that day would actually take 1000 days, but who's counting.
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Gallagher Delocated. Slowly. eh.

Exactly !
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They are clearly scientists, as they can rock the speed-suit.

Also, I had a program on my Commodore 64 in middleschool that did Dr. Hawking-level voice synthesis - it required a special cartridge with the hardware and software built in, as a software-only solution wouldn't do it. I could never get te intensity of emotion out of it that Dr. Hawking does - just goes to show, sometimes it =is= what you say, and not how you say it.
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