Ishman Bracey, Delta bluesman, 1901-1970
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The Victor Talking Machine Co. of Camden, New Jersey is proud to present the following Orthophonic Recordings by bluesman Mr. Ishman Bracey: Leavin' Town Blues - Trouble Hearted Blues - Brown Mamma Blues and Saturday Blues. And remember, for best results, use Victor Needles.

There's more Ishman Bracey on the YouTubes, but I've limited the clips in this FPP to some favorites. I recommend listening to all of it, though! His recorded output was small compared to some of the better-known Delta bluesmen like Charley Patton and Robert Johnson, but Bracey deserves more attention than he's gotten, IMO. Ishman Bracey at Wikipedia.

Note: the arrangements for "Leavin' Town Blues" and "Brown Mamma Blues" are virtually identical. They both feature mandolin from Charles McCoy.

Some timeless lyric gems from the linked recordings:

Now i tell you mama now, I'm sure gonna leave this town
cause I been in trouble ever since I sat my suitcase down

been down so long, down don't worry me

went to the graveyard, fell down on my knee
hollered lord have mercy on this lonesome place

the woman I'm lovin', she treat me like a mangy dog

if you don't believe I'm leavin', just watch the train I'm on
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I love Woman Woman Blues!
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