The Sandpit
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The Sandpit A day in the life of New York City, in miniature. By Sam O'Hare
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As much as I officially can't stand the whole tilt-shift/stop motion thing (my brain says: it's such a gimmick!), I still love this stuff. So clean and cute. If only real life were so tiny.
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Wait, are we over tilt shift? I don't care. I loved this. The harbor and construction shots were my favorite - the sped up motion of the waves tossing the flat barges around like walnut shell toy boats is a pretty great catch that really makes those shots work. Plus, tiny cranes and dump trucks! Awesome!
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What happens if you made a diorama and then filmed it in tilt-shift?
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The boats and helicopters work really well in this.
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Like peachfuzz, I really enjoyed the shots of boats and construction activity...seeing massive vehicles in complex situations (the helicopters bouncing in the air, ferries sloshing about in waves, excavators moving huge chunks of stuff around) from this kind of perspective fascinates me. Humans have such crazy tools! The rooftop and street shots weren't as interesting, perhaps because they are a little over done at this point (didn't Baraka pretty much nail that one?).

Also, a note on tilt shift: as the photographer explains here (in an overly chatty interview) this isn't 'real' tiltshift (achieved with a special lens). This was shot with normal lens and the focus blur was added in post, allowing for racked focus pulls and more complex focus masking. I am quickly getting tired of this effect, especially when it's used to compensate for poor composition or subject matter (like in a few of the shots in this piece), or to make something seem 'foreign' when really you need more effective material or editing.

But yeah, it's hard not to love little dump trucks!
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Dear Sam O'Hare:

Please to be acknowledging the debt you owe to Keith Loutit, who did exactly the same thing a year ago, and even gave his series of films (the best of which is this one) a very similar title. Thanks in advance.
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And, Keith Loutit adds the drop-frame thing that makes the shots with wee people moving around look like stop motion so they're as cool as the boat and helicopter shots that totally look like RC.
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the keith loutit videos are vastly better, imo.
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I thought it was really a model for the first couple seconds. Then I saw people moving around and was filled with disappointment.
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Nearly seven billion of us wee folk on a pale blue orb. Methinks our influence is greatly exaggerated.
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It looks like he's turned Manhattan into the Island of Sodor.
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