Play some Indy Game Festival winners!
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The winners of the Independent Game Festival Awards were announced last night. A few winners are playable now: the awesome Max and the Magic Marker won the Vision award with its whimsical drawing-based action; Closure, featuring creepy light-based puzzles, won for sound design; Continuity, a student-created puzzling platform game. Big winners Monaco and the visually stunning Limbo are only available in video form now, but are worth a look anyway. [Closure and Continuity are in Flash; Max is in Unity, but worth it]
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I like this post. I award you points for making it.
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My best friend worked for the company which released Max and the Magic Marker! When I visited him in Denmark I hung out at their offices for a while, bugging the developers and so on. I'd like to think I have a magic touch w/r/t breaking software, and after about five minutes of playing I managed to kill the beta by hitting Max with the see-saw during his ascent into a jump. I wonder if that still works...
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I wanted to mention some games that were finalists but not winners and that are playable: Rocketbirds Revolution and Star Guard are both quite notable, and you can play the original Meat Boy as well.
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Wow, Limbo looks like the next Braid. When can I have it???
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Max is just about perfect for WiiWare. I found the controls a bit finicky, but that's probably in part because I can't draw for shit. Stupid seesaw why won't you saw!
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I love independent games -- *love* 'em -- but no-one has ever explained to me why the IGF Awards nominate, vote on and hand out awards to games that haven't actually been released. Anyone here from the judging panel and care to explain? It makes me bite my knuckles off in anger when I scroll down the nominations/winners list and find that these brilliant games I just *have* to play are nothing more than preview videos right now.
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