Get in the van. Do your thing. Get out of the van.
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From the Borough of Brooklyn comes Dollar Van Demos: a showcase of talented musicians, rappers and comedians performing inside a dollar van with real passengers.

Dollar vans provide a much-needed transportation for neighborhoods under-served by mass transit. Typically operated by West Indian drivers, the ride is cheap, adventurous and now immensely entertaining with the addition of performers singing their hearts out.
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"Never Had a Good Day" is a jam. This is awesome, thanks.
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Several of these are really good, but I can't help but think that this isn't what these guys were hoping for on their way to work at dawn.
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Occasionally on the Red Line in Boston, a couple of young guys announce (once the doors are securely closed) "We're gonna put on a show for y'all, it's called 'Black Guys Dancing!'" And they certainly do. They've got a boombox, talent, a funny line of patter, and one of the guys can flip himself through a pair of subway straps like a gymnast on rings. I always laugh and smile and give them something when the hat's out. Still, I don't exactly blame the irritated people who shut down entirely, eyes down and unsmiling, as if they were just another set of panhandlers you're trapped with till the next stop.
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They get some good talent... nice find, thank you. I've ridden those vans before.
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Awesome stuff.
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See Also: The Black Cab Sessions.
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If any of y'all think that dollar vans are a good thing, I challenge you to drive down Palisade Ave in Jersey City. It's choked with the damn things.
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