Live Hummingbird on the Internet!!!
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Phoebe, a non-migratory Channel Islands Allen's Hummingbird, has a live webcam and eggs that are hatching soon.
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Wow, watching a bird sitting on its eggs makes me happy. I never knew that.
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So cute! This so cheers me up. I've been sick over a week and I'm behind on my work... but this made everything better
posted by strixus at 5:35 PM on March 14, 2010

I love seeing a live hummingbird at rest. So rare!
posted by Pants! at 5:39 PM on March 14, 2010

Beautiful. Love her eyes.
posted by amethysts at 5:48 PM on March 14, 2010

Best camgirl ever.
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Wow! I love hummingbirds! At first I thought "OOOOH another reason to go to the Channel Islands like I wanna for my burfday," but turns out, she's in the OC. Um, not changing course.
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Someone needs to pipe this to chatroulette.
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Phoebe made an appearance previously (albeit in a different link) in this eagle webcam post.
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She's brooding over something. I can tell.
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OMG, we have puppycam II and now this? Goodbye, free internet times... *happysigh*
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Huh. It's just a dark screen. This is a stupid webcam.

Oh, wait. Night.
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I have been watching this regularly since it was linked in the webcam page, and it's my favorite webcam ever. Tragically, neither of Phoebe's last clutch (hatched mid-January) survived, so here's hoping this one does well!

The FAQ is pretty interesting, since it has Phoebe's complete clutch history since 2007 among lots of other hummingbird info.
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Awwwwww. Widdlebirdyprecioussnookums...

Now I feel good. This is a positive feeling. I like it.

Thank you.
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One of the chicks has pecked a hole in his/her shell! So exciting!
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It's so hard to picture the nest being the size of a golf ball and the eggs being the size of Tic-Tacs. The nest seems so intricate and sturdy.
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Connecting ...
You are banned [hummingbird-nest-cam]

I don't have a ustream account and I've never participated in the chat - although I've always been able to see it in the past. Maybe I smell bad.
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Interestingly, it looks like now redirects to something spammy looking.
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avoid the top-mentioned links (now redirected to some junk): phoebe's the ustream page is here. (if the chat is too full you will see a "you are banned" message; try reloading.)
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We had an Anna's hummingbird nesting in the blue spruce behind my building summer before last. She would sneak in at waist level, darting behind bushes and handrails until she got under the tree and then would hover straight up into the branches, whereupon you could hear a chorus of squeaks.

I was coming around the corner of the building one day and ran into her as she was under the spruce about to make the vertical ascent--whereupon she scooted off across the parking spaces and looped the loop across and around in an effort to sneak behind my back. Whereupon I turned to face her.

She then stopped short about six feet away from me and and rose six feet off the ground and hovered, looking me straight in the eye. That gave me a shiver. Going eye to eye with a hummingbird is a thrilling experience.

So, anyway, I know the drill--turn around and walk away and don't look back. Birds hate it when you watch them go to nest.

I have feeders, salvias and glory vines all about in back--I've gotten to see some amazing battles over them, corkscrewing topological tours de force of squealing air combat that end up with two hummingbirds hovering and sword fighting beak to beak. They are very pugnacious with each other.

And, man, are they fast. It's like on Star Trek: Next Generation when the Enterprise goes to warp--they will hover, tilt, bank and zing! -- they are gone across the street and in the middle of the next block in a hummingbird heartbeat. They are like the teleportin'est birds evar. I love me some hummingbirds.
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Those of you keeping an eye on Phoebe and her eggs may also be interested in Molly the Barn Owl. She also has a clutch of eggs (five) that should start hatching any moment now. The really cool thing is watching at night. Her mate, McGee, lives in a nearby palm tree but visits every night. They spend a minute "bonding" (he climbs on top of her as if they were mating - although the experts on the site say that's not what's happening) and then he flies away and returns an hour or so later with food for her (minus the heads). It's really quite amazing to watch.

Things aren't looking so good for Phoebe's eggs though. The first one pipped two days ago and no progress since, and the other one isn't doing anything.
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The first time I saw a hummingbird on my back porch, I had about the same reaction as I would have if I had seen a tiny fairy. Talk about making your day.
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Phoebe kicked some lizard ass today, btw.
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Just discovered this yesterday, tuned in today to see the second egg laid, and then both eggs were eaten by a crow this morning. :(
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