Spain 1840 – 1970
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A large gallery of contributed images from Spain including what looks to be an entertainer with a prosthetic nose and ear; a hand tinted baby in a bow and school photo; young tough guys and not so tough guys; plus old Semana Santa scenes, as posted previously.

What makes this more interesting than just a found photos site is the history behind the pictures, so you might want to use the Babel Fish translator (quite why it translates it as 'Virtual museum of old woman photos', I'm not sure).
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I still don't understand why the KKK dresses like Spaniards during Holy Weak though?? Those pointed hoods can't be a coincidence.
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The word "viejas" is being used as an adjective here to describe the "fotos," which is a feminine word despite the "o" at the end, as old. Babelfish thought that "viejas" was the noun meaning old women.

These pictures are an interesting find. Thanks.
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I've been trying to dig up some info on the entertainer from the first picture, Miguel Lamar. There doesn't seem anything other than this small entry and possibly this is him too - a planned suicide by plunging his plane into a grave he had arranged in Colón Cemetery.
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Okay, how about this one – a photograph of a same-sex marriage in 1910.
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I love looking at people's old personal photos. That these are Spanish makes them even more tantalizingly alien, to my American self.
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Look at this – a picture of a member of Emilio el Moro's group [related].
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