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Emilio the Moor was a parodying humorist flamenco exponent who died in a domestic gas incident. [via].

A fabulous range, style and humour to boot. There's lots more on YouTube. [related]
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Fast comments. This should have been the [related] link.
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Great - unexpected... The link towards the lyrics collection is really invaluable. Thanks !
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Now there's something you don't read every day, Chauncey.

What's that, Edgar?

"...parodying humorist flamenco exponent who died in a domestic gas incident."

Truedat, Edgar.

[/Rocky and Bullwinkle]
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I'm trying to parse the text of this FPP without clicking on the links. I am failing at this.
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Is this the flamenco parodying humorist who always says 'cobarde pecador de la pradera! te da cuiiin?'
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This just proves that hate for mystery meat FPPs is misplaced.
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Molecicco, that would be Chiquito de la Calzada (Spanish Wikipedia article on him has much more meat), who is better known as a humorist than as a flamenco singer.

In his comedy Chiquito doesn't sing or reference flamenco music, besides embodying in his dress and manner the Southern Spanish flamenco-andaluz stereotype. Chiquito's comedy is made up of traditional jokes, mostly with a surreal bent, told in a purely idiosyncratic slang (of course, now widely imitated and parodied itself).

As to Emilio el Moro, well. Think of him as the Weird Al Yankovic of flamenco.

If you like this kind of thing, you may also like Pepe da Rosa. As a kid I had the single for his sevillanas de los cuatro detectives (The Four Detectives): Kojak, Columbo, Banacek, McCloud. Man, I am going to have this in my head all week.

Check it out while reading the lyrics. I always liked the fourth part: "Acaban de robarme en el chalet.... ¡que venga Banacek!"
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Ah great, thanks! Yeah, when I first went to Spain I heard a lot about el Chiquito, and knew that he was somehow flamenco-related humor. I look forward to going through these links.
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