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Absurd And Beautiful: A Tribute To Pip Proud you can find music from pip proud here. Listen to 'crystal night'(ode to the 20th century)
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whoa. didn't know he died & am sorry to hear that. when i first heard pip, the fellow who gave me a copy of one of his albums & said, 'wellll, i don't know what you're going to do with that. it's kind of ... strange.' i popped it in the cd player & thought something to the effect of, 'what the hell?' so i listened to it again. and again. and when i hear it now, that sort of mumbling, heavy breathing accompanied by twangy guitar, i still say 'what the hell?' but i love it. and when i found another one of his albums, i couldn't listen to it fast enough. equally as strange, and certainly as compelling.

this review compares him to early syd barrett, but i've always thought he & jandek early jandek, anyway would have understood each other very well.
Australian folk-singer Pip Proud recorded two albums, De Da De Dum (1967, re-recorded as Adrenaline And Richard (Polydor, 1966), and A Bird In The Engine (Polydor, 1969), and later collected on Eaglewise (1996), that predated Syd Barrett and all the other "primitivist" folksingers. His songs are bizarre, childish rants of an hallucinated mind, accompanied by an out-of-tune guitar and paced at irregular tempos. The only precedent was the acid-folk music of the Holy Modal Rounders.

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that music link is pretty borked. it's only playing about 3 second snippets for me. much better stuff here.

really, people, give it a listen. pip never got much respect--certainly not in the states & apparently not in the homeland, either--considered more of an outsider than a 'real' musician. but his stuff is actually pretty damn interesting.
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