Oh The Inhumanity
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Andrew Levy reviews a lot of food in a little time. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Inhuman Eating Machine!
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No doubt there is going to be mad ignorant shit in this comment thread.
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That's not the only place where's there's mad, ignorant shit. I mean, woah, all those burgers. Urgh.
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ugh, remove the first 's there. edit fcn, pls, kthnxbye.
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Given the fulsome descriptions of his last bowel movement in each of his blog posts, I fully expect any shit in this thread to be informed and erudite.
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Holy crap. Props to him for seeing it through.

I loved the little insights on the atmosphere and clientele of each joint every bit as much as the descriptions of the burgers. And I completely agree on mustard over mayo as a topping.

I sincerely hope he is okay after a day like that. That's a lot of red meat. I only had an Egg McMuffin for breakfast and The Daily Plate is all in my face, telling me I am over my daily cholesterol suggested intake for the entire day.

I want a Five Guys burger SO bad now! *grumble grumble grumble*
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This is what happens when we let cyborgs have equal rights...

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That's damn near 10,000 words on the cheeseburger. 40 average book pages. All of this by way of saying tl;dr.
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mustard over mayo? Why do you have to make a choice? A proper burger has both. (among other things)
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Goddam do I LOVE cheeseburgers. They're the pinnacle of food science. But that's fucking gross.
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I adore this guy's devotion, his attention to detail, and his honesty.

I also do not have the fortitude for the posts.

this is a personal failing. I think this blog is almost certainly epic stuff. thanks for the link.
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That guy sure knows the SF Bay Area! He really put in a lot of driving during his mission (Pinole to Alameda for a burger!). Really informative and fun to read - especially for a local.
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*sigh* I've been away from California too long. I fucking lived in Pinole and never heard of The Red Onion!

And there's no mention of Nations! Or Red's Java Hut for that matter. (No link. For obvious reasons.)

The narrative made me a bit sick to be honest. This isn't a guy who seems to enjoy his food, so much as a guy chasing the dragon of fullness, which any compulsive eater will tell you, is elusive.

Full on greasy crap? No thanks. Pass the tums please.
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If you're wondering how (or why) he eats it all, check the first link of the OP. He eats "least 5 lbs. of roughage each weekday, usually more," and that's his diet (with which he's lost 20 lb in 3 months). But by only eating fruits and vegetables, he's missing the foods he loves, so once or twice a month he eats something else, and blogs about it.
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I fear for his valve.
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Hutz: "And what did you do then, Mrs. Simpson?"
Marge (deeply ashamed): "We went fishing."
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Ya know, I love blogs, and food blogs. Some bloggers wear the honesty of broadcasting nuances of their personal lives to the world with grace even when divulging sensitive medical or mental health issues.

I really never ever needed to read the phrase "Unlike the Yia-Yia blob, part 2 looked like a brown Nerds Rope."
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I'm hungry.
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