Backpack + Couch
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Furniture designers, quinze & milan, team up with eastpak This mutant couch sort of looks like a life preserver jacket.
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Reminds me of these car seats covers by Smittybilt.
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Instead of looking for the remote under the seat cushions you can now have the pleasure of rummaging through your twelve couch-backpacks for it. Ug leee.
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If you have kids, the insides of those pockets will be decoupaged with a crusty guache of cookie crumbs, broken crayons, and nose goblins before the end of the first week.

If you don't have kids, it'll be more-or-less the same, except instead of crayons, it will be condoms, paperclips, short, inexplicable computer cables, or some combination of the three.

Protip: Just like straw adds stability to adobe bricks, a healthy ration of pet hair will help your couch pocket cruft stay stiffer longer!
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This is great for storing loose change underneath dogeared homework.
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Man it is gonna kill your back carrying that around. But I guess it's handy for when you want to sit down. Especially on long hikes.
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Oh I don't know... I'd love that to hold all the various balls of yarn, knitting needles, loose patterns, bottles of nail polish and odd pens and pencils that I have scattered loosely around my sofa.

Hell, my husband would love it, because there'd finally be room under the coffee table.
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This is the Deadpool of couches.
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Looks about as comfortable as sitting on a backpack too. I'd expect these to end up in the reception areas of new media companies.

(I say this because most of the furniture in my first house was given to me by the struggling new media company I worked for in 2003 when it moved to smaller premises, and it was all bloody uncomfortable.)
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I want one. My butt would get terribly sweaty, but the cat could sharpen his claws all he wanted with no ill effect.

I'd like to see someone crafty recreate this with an IKEA Klippan and a bunch of old backpacks sewn together.
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The fact that they blog about this sort of thing as if it's a Good Thing is the reason I no longer read sites like Lifehacker and Unclutter.

I suppose it's a bit more comfortable than the fold-up cardboard furniture they seem to mention every other week, but not by much.
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So...This is from the Rob Liefeld furniture collection?
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First we paint it dayglo rainbow and lo, we shall call it Stash Couch.
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I can't believe no one has come out and said it: This is a tremendously stupid idea.
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Sometimes the whole is less than the sum of its parts.
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i actually like it. but the 'built to resist'? that sofa has yet to meet my cats.
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