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Funnyman and "All American immigrant" Joe Wong at this year's RTCA dinner [SYTL]
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Actually there are two links there, so Not SYTL.....oops!
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Here's a joke.
(Segue) <---- Insert here
Here's another joke.
(Segue) <---- Insert here
Here's another joke.
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Funny guy although he falls dangerously close to being the next Yakov Smirnoff.
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I thought he was pretty good. And I don't think he's like Yakov Smirnoff at all.

His pacing is slow, he has a kind of naïve manner (intentionally, I bet), and he has a thick-ish accent, so I that makes him seem more like he's doing an "immigrant gimmick act" than he actually is. Much of his material is just of the observant outsider type, not specific to a nationality or ethnicity. He could be from rural Louisiana instead of China, attending a fancy Washington event, and do many of the same types of jokes.
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Something about his cadence was awfully Walken-esque.
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sometimes I feel like I'm a bigot.

I enjoyed the routine, then went to his website and read his bio. Everything was fine until I realized I was staring at Comic Sans.

Comic Sans isn't okay even if you are a comic.
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I enjoyed it, almost a Mitch Hedberg-ian pacing, deadpan. Fun :)
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I can't work out if those people are laughing because he's such a stereotype and he's giving them permission to laugh at him or because they actually think he's funny. He has a few jokes, but he doesn't tickle my bones.

So my comment isn't total negativity, how about some Henry Cho?
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How about some Peter Chao? He's never going to be seen at the White House for obvious reasons. WARNING: totally NSFW.
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Comic Sans isn't okay even if you are a comic.

In fact, Comic Sans kind of negates everything you're about.
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He was funny, better than average. Good dead-pan.

And then I got to thinking about Colbert's shtick at the RTCA, because that's the only other one I've ever seen.
Bush's people must have been idiots or high. It's just remarkable how wrong they were, I mean, mind-blowingly fucking crazy. They hired the guy who would most ruthlessly crap on their no-humor-about-himself client. Amazing choice, and endemic of everything that was wrong with Bush and co. Bad ideas followed up by poorer execution.
This guy (Wong) was funny and relatively anodyne but totally worth listening too and I did not know the RTCA had even happened. He did not urinate, publicly and flagrantly, on his hosts. Whoever hired Mr.Wong picked the perfect choice - whoever hired whoever hired Mr.Wong made the perfect choice and whoever hired whoever hired whoever hired... and so on. This is one of the reasons (despite not repealing the NSA wire-taping insanity) I have almost infinitely more respect for Obama and co. than his predecessor. I don't feel like they're putting one over on me.

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For those who are saying he's not that funny, I guess comedy is very subjective. He has been great on Letterman twice. And Ellen loves him, so he must have something going for him.

And I think I can safely say he is without a doubt the funniest stand up comedian by night/ molecular biologist PhD by day that I have ever seen. Imagine having a full time job in drug discovery R&D, and also being this good at comedy? That's quite a diverse skill set.
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