On America's little magazines
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On America's little magazines. "The most up-to-date and reliable lists of literary magazines on the web". Literary Press and Magazine Directory. Category: American Literary Magazines. The Little Magazine A Hundred Years On: A Reader’s Report.

"The light [these magazines] sheds on literature is brighter than that of the post-publication review, theory-addled academic appraisal or bookchat on blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Notwithstanding the new virtual communities, little magazines continue to be the main sponsor of the vital US tradition of intellectual dissent".
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Lee Gutkind says there are over 600 of them in the US (as of 2007).
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Wrong URL in the last link, should be here.
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The Pushcart Prize - Best of the Small Presses series, published every year since 1976.
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o man what a gorgeous fpp, thanks for posting this stbalbach
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On the other hand, McSweeney's has a bigger presence in the world than any of us in, say, 1995, thought a literary magazine would ever again command. No reason it couldn't happen again.
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Cool post. See also the Modernist Journals Project at Tulsa, whose academic host, and the university affiliations of some of the magazines mentioned, gives the lie to the kneejerk anti-academic commentary quoted (I know, I know - the notion of the little magazine is that it creates a space outside of institutions, but credit where it's due, please..)

I agree with Mishra - and Americans may not be aware of this - the sight of that wallfull of small periodicals in a decent US bookshop (or even in Borders) is incredibly attractive to a foreigner, and not to be underestimated. But let's not forget the little magazine movement's historical internationalism.
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Call me an idiot, but I at first thought I was reading about "Reader's Digest," and thought they were giving that lowest common denominator rag way too much credit.
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