Do you like sinkers or floaters?
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Ultimate Matzoh Balls is a simple, quick (10 level, automatically advancing) Flash basketball game that may help keep your mind off the lack of leavening in your diet this coming week. And by "your" I mean "my". The Yiddish exclamations for both the baskets and missed shots are worth the click.
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Interestingly, I did better on the later levels (starting with Level 4 or so). First time around, 27698, 75/127 from the field.
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Now I'm hungry.
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From Wikipedia:

The largest Matzah ball prepared weighed 267 pounds and was 29.2 inches long. Setting the Guinness record, the ball was made from "1,000 eggs, 80 pounds of margarine, 200 pounds of matzah meal, and 20 pounds of chicken base." It was made by Chef Anthony Sylvestri of Noah's Ark Deli to raise awareness for a charity basketball game.
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31698. After a while you can just shoot the ball from the same place as the net goes by and get close to 100%,
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Levels 8,9 & 10 are actually the easiest.

This is an awesome way to learn a new language!
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I can unresevedly say this is the greatest Jewish-themed basketball video game I have ever played.
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I guess you've never played Nintendo's "H-O-R-S-E Challenge with Golda Meir."
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Your god... he has something against pecan sticky buns?!
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he has something against pecan sticky buns?!

I think the great unlearned moral of the Passover story is patience.

Nobody could wait around for the bread to rise? This is the Middle East we're talking about. Flatbreads. How long do you have to proof a lavash?

The lesson is: if the Children of Israel could have waited, like, two minutes to start the flight out of Egypt (seriously, we're talking the time it'd take to look under the beds to make sure you haven't forgotten anything), then we could have any pastry we want.

Anyway, funny game.
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Finally. A kosher alternative to Sushi Cat.
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Well that certainly helps explain this.
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Yeah. Between this and Sushi Cat, I'm starving!
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It turns out that the holiday is much easier on the digestion if you ignore kitnyot.

Also, floaters. Obviously.
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33500. Oy.
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I think this is the first thing that has ever reached my eyeballs near-simultaneously with MeFi as one channel and a nutty, regrettable email forward from my weird uncle as the other. To put this in perspective, here is another recent weird uncle forward. Not to demean this post in any way, we need to jew it up around MeFi parts more often, but you can understand my surprise.
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