Yiddish song of th week
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Two posts in a row, posted within 10 minutes of each other, that reference Yiddish. It's not coincidence, it's Shmetafilter!
posted by yiftach at 10:56 PM on March 27, 2010

It's our time of year yiftach!
posted by serazin at 11:08 PM on March 27, 2010

It is? Why is this time of year different from all other times of year?
posted by strangely stunted trees at 11:44 PM on March 27, 2010 [7 favorites]

because its spring and cockroaches start emerging from the woodwork explaining all the muffled scuffling noises in the wainscoting ... no, actually why is this time different?
posted by infini at 1:27 AM on March 28, 2010

Subscribed to the feed immediately. Ta.
posted by i_am_joe's_spleen at 1:44 AM on March 28, 2010

I looked at the FPP title really quickly, thought it was "Yiddish song of The Whelk" and was like "Man, that guy's everywhere."
posted by mintcake! at 6:05 AM on March 28, 2010

The bandleader of the Cleveland-based band Yiddishe Cup also has an entertaining and educational blog, although it's less purely music-focused.

There is occasionally even more in-depth discussion of the Yiddish Song of the Week posts on the fairly high-traffic Jewish Music Mailing List.
posted by nonane at 6:58 AM on March 28, 2010

Yiddish songs on MeFi Music by the wonderful Astro Zombie and the beautiful barmaljova.
posted by Pallas Athena at 7:13 AM on March 28, 2010

Happy Pesach!
posted by The Fly at 11:37 AM on March 29, 2010

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