The Dybbuk
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The Dybbuk (Yiddish, 1937; based on the 1914 play by S. Ansky.)
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It's funny how the last three threads are all somewhat Jewish related.
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ok, דאס איז א ביסל צו פיל.
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Yeah, Michael Stuhlbarg got robbed.
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Needs subtitles for non-Yiddish-speaking audience.
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Nothing can express the beauty and pathos of the original, but at the risk of cheapening the entire Diasporan experience I would translate it as "That's a bit too much."
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What? Well, it should be.
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There's a restored version of this that came out a while ago -- really worth seeing on the big screen.
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Jeez, that whole YouTube account is a treasure trove. Ya di di di di di di di di di di.
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SLYT - Single Link Yiddish theater?
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'The Dead Fiddler' by Isaac Bashevis Singer is a favorite of mine in this genre. Read it.
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On a tangential note, I was tickled to notice that, in the end credits to A Serious Man, the mysterious figure in the apocryphal opening scene is listed only as "Dybbuk?"
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so last night i watched "a serious man" for the first time.
now these all these jewish posts. about a dybbuk, even!
this must mean something.
what does it mean, rabbi? is it a sign from hashem?
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