Work by printmakers exhibited at Originals 10
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The yearly show on contemporary printmaking, Originals 10, is currently on in London. Some of the artists and work include: Anthony Dyson’s etching The Voyeur; John Bryce’s wood engraving Thames Arachnid; Morna Rhys’s Taf Estuary; Leila Pedersen’s etching Gloria gets Dizzy; Cordelia Cembrowicz’s etching Avon Amazons; Eileen Cooper’s woodcut Skipper; Hilary Paynter’s amazing wood engravings (site requires popups); Giulia Zaniol’s My City; Emiko Aida’s aquatint Reverie in the Rain; Paula Cox’s aquatint Magnolia Tree; Jessie Brennan’s Six Boys; and Graham Smith’s linocut Tattooed Lady. The gallery site has a brief summary of the exhibition and a link to the press release mentioning the work of Barton Hargreaves and Ralph Steadman.
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Some very cool stuff in there. I took etching for 3 semesters in college, and would have taken more if I could.
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Good post.

It's interesting to me to see how incredibly traditional most of this work is, with almost all of the appeal (for me) coming from the obvious craft. For a contemporary show, the amount of conceptualization or avant subjects seems very, very low. Maybe the UK's just more trad?
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While printmakers tend to be a conservative lot, this selection is conservative in the extreme. Don't get me wrong, they're all beautifully made (well, except for the Pedersen print, which is an atrocity at every level), but a regional exhibition of printmaking put on by an organization founded to promote figurative art is going to give one a ... limited impression of where the medium is at, if that's what this exhibition/post was meant to do.
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I nearly went to this yesterday, but baulked at the admission charge. I'll go back and pay, having seen this.
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See also woodblock100's current exhibition.
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