Tanzania 9th most corrupt country
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Tanzania 9th most corrupt country, of course the word here is that they bribed transparency international to place them above kenya....... according to the director "HIV AIDS is killing millions of Africans, and in many of the countries where AIDS is at its deadliest the problem is compounded by the fact that corruption levels are seen to be very high. While it is imperative that richer countries provide the fruits of medical research at an affordable price to address this human tragedy, it is also essential that corrupt governments do not steal from their own people. This is now an urgent priority if lives are to be saved." local traditions don't help either. what this story does not say is that 4,000 girls will be circumsised at this ceremony and the govt/police won't interfere.
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I have to admit, apart from the Zambia/Zimbabwe border where I got a bit of grief, the only real problem I've had at a border was at the Tanzanian post on the Malawi border. I had to pay some extra money for some supposed irregularity on my perfectly good (and very expensive) visa.
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The "lcoal traditions" link should be this.

This is a hotbed of conflicting cultural views - I'm surprised this topic didn't get more comments. Seems like an ideal subject for everyone here to argue about. In particular, does the church - which featured prominently in that news report - approve of contraceptives to stop AIDS?

What I'd like to see is more info on your site (been discussed here before, somewhere) about the people who are doing the work that ends up giving a village in Tanzania a web site. Not what your aims are (which is there), but who you are. Surely that information is crucial in this postmodern age?
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For more comments on the issue of corruption and how to measure it, see this thread
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I had to bribe cops (or weasel my way out of it) in Kenya several times. Nigeria (the most corrupt on the list, save an unreliable Bangladesh score) is legendary even in Africa for its everyday, pervasive corruption. So I'd say this list accords with my (very limited) experience.
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andrew cooke, well it's only myself working on the village website. i've been looking for sponsorship or an ngo to help (15K GBP for two year project) but i'm getting nowhere - a proposal should be on the site soon.
basically i lived there for 2 years and have returned to develop the site.
many ngo's don't want the site developed (it's too advanced for africans is a typical response) and district politicians are watching me very carefully indeed.
i'm trying to keep a low profile on the site, but if you go up a directory you will find my 'work' site.
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