Lil' Art Fein's Poker Party
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Described as a "well known scenster" in L.A. from the '70's, Art Fein long had a bizzare cable-access show with top musicians. Amongst his other accomplishmentsArt has managed the Cramps, produced the Blasters, but he is best known for his legendary cable access show where he has had dozens of great guests.

On January 18, 1984 Art began Art Fein's Poker Party, which evolved from real poker games and ran for an amazing 1,080 shows. The videos of appearances on Art Fein's Poker Party You Tube page are nothing short of amazing. A young Dwight Yokam, before he was signed to Warner Bros and while he was a regular in the punk clubs of So Cal, here with Dave Alvin. Chris Issak, performing an accoustic Wicked Game just before it broke big. Man or Astroman in 1995. An interview with Brendan Mullen. Screamin' Jay Hawkins. The Stray Cats, covering Mystery Train (Look at that hot rod car Setzer drives!). Al Kooper, Dylan's long time collaborator, here guessing songs off two-second excerpts. Allison Kraus and Union Station, 1991. Rosa Flores, Wanda Jackson and Skip Heller "Rockin Little Angel." A bizzare interview with Brian Wilson. Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper, doing, well whatever it is they do. Even Dion stopped by. And yes, Dr. Demento was also interviewed.
Guests not found on YouTube include Steve Allen, Joe Strummer, Andrew Oldham, Pat Boone, Peter Buck, Eric Burdon, Marshall Crenshaw, Willie Dixon, Robert Englund, and Fred Willard.
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There goes my evening.
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Damn, what a retro rocker website.
posted by Menomena at 1:23 PM on March 30, 2010

In New Jersey, we had Uncle Floyd.
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In New Jersey, we had Uncle Floyd.

So that's who Dramarama were on about!
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In New Jersey, we had Uncle Floyd.
So that's who Dramarama were on about!

David Bowie went on about Uncle Floyd too.
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As a flunky floating around the music industry in the LA in the 70/80s I got to meet and hang a little with Art - not that I was special, far from it, it was just kind of unavoidable. The cool thing about Art was that he was, well, cool. Authentic in a city where the main product was in-authenticity. To be honest, he was what I was hoping the whole scene would be like when I jumped into it. Alas, he was unique.
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I'm just remembering that I think it was Artie who scored me tickets to the Pistols' final show at Winterland... again, lousy times, made cooler by him
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