Am I Fool #One?
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April 1 is nearly finished here.
posted by awfurby at 11:52 PM on March 31, 2010

You know, at this point the april fools jokes have come to feel like the chain letters and dancing baby emails my mom forwards me all the time. When I was first getting into the internet, all the jokes seemed new and fun. I forwarded email jokes all the time. And I looked forward to seeing what zany new idea Google would come up with this time.

Now I just get cranky that the internet basically stops functioning as an information source for one day every year.
posted by kingjoeshmoe at 12:14 AM on April 1, 2010 [6 favorites]

Now I just get cranky that the internet basically stops functioning as an information source for one day every year.

This is how I feel about Christmas in the US. Except instead of information source, it's everything. Where I live, not even the Chinese restaurants are open.

At least with April Fools, I get some giggles. And it's not like most legitimate sites actually stop working. You just might have to suffer through a funny interface.
posted by Netzapper at 12:39 AM on April 1, 2010 [2 favorites]

I always forget about April Fools and always end up getting pranked. I've already been caught out today and I've only been awake for a few hours.
posted by triggerfinger at 2:36 AM on April 1, 2010

I hate just about every April Fools thing on the internet, because I am old and cranky and no long physically capable of laughing, but I liked this one.
posted by cmonkey at 3:30 AM on April 1, 2010

Let's do away with April Fools, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mardi Gras, and New Years' Eve!

Joke. OK I got something. I work with a Colombian woman. She told me they don't have April Fools in her hometown. They have the same concept, though. Innocence Day (Innocents' Day?) and it is on December 30.

I swear she told me this but it was on the 1 of April last year so I have no idea how credible the information is.
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I nearly got caught by Charles Stross' career change before I read this.

I can understand the sentiment. I really can.
posted by clvrmnky at 5:16 AM on April 1, 2010

In Rhode Island, if it is not underwater or starting to mold, it's probably a prank. April Fools came early this year.
posted by GenjiandProust at 5:54 AM on April 1, 2010

Meh. I take April 1 off from mindscrewing my office mates.

This year instead of arguing with them about politics (I'm the token liberal in an office of conservatives), I'm just ignoring them.

Admittedly, last year's decision to argue with them from a Communist point of view was fun. But they caught on and stopped giving me fun.

Also everyone's working from home today. No one to argue with.
posted by mephron at 7:09 AM on April 1, 2010

> How do you tell the real from the surreal today?

With great difficulty. Like every day.
posted by jfuller at 7:22 AM on April 1, 2010

Grauniad Guardian list of all the April fools jokes in the british newspapers today
posted by lalochezia at 8:07 AM on April 1, 2010

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