Rocking the Middle East
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Iraq gave us the heavy-metal band Acrassicauda (previously), who have recently relocated to the US and released their first EP. In Iran, indie-pop is a dangerously subversive underground phenomenon, with innocuous-sounding twee-pop bands hiding from persecution by the authorities. And now Afghanistan has Kabul Dreams, a duo who dress in skinny jeans and cardigans and write songs inspired by British guitar bands like Oasis, Radiohead and The Beatles.
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Kabul Dreams is a trio, not a duo.
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The Beatles was a guitar band? Well, up until Eleanor Rigby, I guess...
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I can't even tell if this is an april fools joke or not.
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Look, I'm sorry. No matter how subversive and hunted and dangerous your band is, if you're going to pose with electric guitars as if you are playing them, at least make it look like they're plugged into something. Some trailing wires going off into the distance. Something. Please.
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I can't even tell if this is an april fools joke or not.

Articles posted 31 March and 20 March, so I'd say not. The Iranian documentary 'No One Knows About Persian Cats' (mentioned in the "indie-pop" link) is getting a lot of coverage in the UK at the moment.
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The Likely Pulse of Metafilter: Sure, go ahead and be cool and liberate yourself, as long as you do not in any way resemble what we might think of as a hipster or else we'll assume you're doing this for purely ironic reasons or because you have a trust fund.
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