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this post is such a great anecdote for this.
posted by nadawi at 1:51 PM on April 1, 2010

Does anybody know who holds the copyright on these videos? I can't figure it out.
posted by drjimmy11 at 2:33 PM on April 1, 2010

Thanks for this, Carson. & Yeah, drjimmy, it would have been nice if Kral could have made his copyright tag a little bigger so we could tell who owned the rights. I could barely see it sometimes for all of the mucking around by the goddam punk rockers.
posted by beelzbubba at 3:03 PM on April 1, 2010

Krall plays on this Iggy bootleg (which has since become an official release) - a wondefully sloppy, but worthwhile document of a slightly out of control live show. For those keeping score, I purchased it at Earwax Records in downtown St. Catharines, Ontario in 1980. I distinctly remember deciding to buy that, rather than PIL's "Metal Box", which was calling to me from a shelf behind the counter. In hindsight, a massive error on my part.
posted by davebush at 3:16 PM on April 1, 2010

Back in high school days and the few years after that there was a friend of one of my friends who I hesitate to name by even by his nickname for fear of bringing said weirdos out of the woodwork - but it was relevant. That nickname was "Mayhem". He was one of those post-punk post-hippie weirdos that earned his street name with a vengeance. The best and kindest way I can put it is that he was a walking novelty factory. He taught me how to dumpster dive for the first time, and the sum total of his instructions were basically "What? You just jump the fuck in there and dig around until you find something you want!"

Anyway, he looked like a young and equally crazy (and bone-skinny) Iggy Pop. People noticed this a lot and it annoyed him, which I discovered one day as we were in a grocery store while he was inhaling the non-liquid contents of several whipped cream bottles in the store and pounding a bottle of something alcoholic. Probably Boones or something, I don't know.

Some random hipster-ish woman about our age came up to him in the store and said "Hey, do you know you look like Iggy Pop?" to which he would invariably flip out and shout "IGGY POP!? I'LL FUCKING SHOW YOU IGGY POP!", rip open his pants and then pull out his rather prodigious wang and swing it in a circles like a fucking watch chain. Girl runs away screaming, he mutters "Yeah, you can't handle Iggy Pop!" and puts away his damn trouser snake.

No, I have no idea where he is and I like it like that.
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i, of course, meant antidote.
posted by nadawi at 3:53 PM on April 1, 2010

Well you got an anecdote anyway.
posted by loquacious at 4:07 PM on April 1, 2010

so much promise......
pretty cool anyway as these are some of my favorite musicians
posted by caddis at 5:18 PM on April 1, 2010

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