Rock out with your double reed out!
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Bassoon-core? Aw yeah! "The BASSOONCORE movement in the early 1990's consists of a short list of little-known bands and foremost among those is CHOTCHKE (1993-1998), who began life as a six-piece and went on through fluctuating memberships and styles to record a lot and release a little. Today I will present the first in a series of studies of the unedited studio noodling of Chotchke." More music from Chotchke courtesy of WFMU. The Story of Chotchke from a former member.
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Two of my roomates play bassoon. According to one, he was "into bassoon before it was cool."
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Jeff Burke's (aka Bassooner or Later) got your bassoon.
(auto-play half way down that first link, caution)
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kinda like Drums & Tuba.
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Synthesizer Patel would be seriously into this.
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scruss: Thanks for posting about Jeff Burke! Killer playing.
spikelee et al: When I lived in Austin, I loved seeing D&T, before they moved. Great music, great live band.
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As a bassoonist, I have to say... man, I wish I were this cool.
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Also, if you like bassooncore, you may enjoy ContraBassoon Funk.
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