John Strype's Survey of London (1720)
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LONDON, the Metropolis and Glory of the Kingdom, was anciently the Seat of the British Empire; and since, stiled commonly, the Royal Chamber of our Kings. The Kings Chamber, the Heart of the Commonwealth, and a Short Draught of the whole Kingdom: As it was once described by Sir Edward Coke, sometime Recorder of this City. It may boast it self to be the largest in Extent, and the fairest built, the most Populous, and best inhabited (and that by a Civil, Rich and Sober People) of any in the World. And for a general Trade throughout the Universe, all other must give her the Precedence.

John Strype's A Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster is available online, in it's entirety, with some fantastic illustrations.

Melvyn Bragg presents The History of the City from the emergence in Mesopotamia to the 21st century.

Part1 and Part 2.

(BBC iplayer audio but available outside UK)
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So glad to see you included a link to In Our Time, the first part was excellent, and this looks like some great Further Reading before I delve into the second. Thanks!
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Ah, London! Its name has stayed on our lips for centuries. I still remember as a child playing a game which had the other kids hold hands over head as "london bridge" which formed a path that you had to run through before the final "N" in the word "London" which was spelt out at the end of the rhyme.

ehhh, my grammar
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Wonderful. Thank you.
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Cheers, ClanvidHorse, this is fantastic – particularly the illustrations and the maps.
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Awesome stuff!

BTW, I just found out my direct ancestor was Lord Mayor of London in 1309. It's been downhill for our family ever since.

Picking the wrong side in the Wars of the Roses was our first mistake...
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