Jesus is everywhere.
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While looking at La Luz De Jesus gallery art I found this painting of Jesus in a kitchen sink and an easter bunny suicide which reminded me of the Easter Bunny beat down in Mallrats. And then George Carlin busting out Buddy Christ in Dogma.Which got me looking at the trailer for the Jesus face movie. Then wondering where else Jesus Face has shown up. And now I'm learning about the Shroud of Turin and then immediately unlearning it. And ultimately deciding I only want to learn from Eddie Izzard.
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Bullshit, Elvis is everywhere.
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You just caused a spit take with your comment.
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The Whelk, you just read my mind
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So how is that Henry Poole movie? Thoughtful, interesting indie movie or treacly bible-beating bullshit?
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Jesus in a kitchen sink

Let's take a moment to appreciate the Bathtub Mary. (some NSFW)
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I've seen one of those in Pittsburgh, near the Frick Museum. Can't recall if it was on Homewood or Penn but I remember passing the 76 gas station by bus and boom, there'd it be, in someone's front garden in all its glory.
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Holy Easter, everyone! On this day OUR LORD Jesus Christ emerged triumphant from three days trapped in a chocolate egg. He assumed the form of a giant rabbit and burst forth to save all of us from sin. But doubting St. Thomas said unto him "I wilst not believe that thee art mine master til such time as I might fondle thy bunny ears" - so THE LORD bounced on him and squished him from Galilee to Jerusalem (Luke 16:25-30).
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We've got a NO PARKING sign in town that shows an image of The Christ when your headlights hits it at the right angle. There is a cluster of candles and offerings around it.

It's a fun thing to show to visitors. Also, Bah Humbug.
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I like easter because it has religious significance and candy. Candied beans! I'm tots excited for the Easter bunny!
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I commute to college. I'm starting to wonder if maybe I'm too old to have an easter basket, but I'm also too young to say no to free candy.
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hincandenza: First, don't believe anything that says it's a comedy. It is NOT a comedy.

Outside of that, I don't's not very good. It's very "you gotta have faith in SOMETHING." I found it to be fairly pointless. Or if it did have a point, then it was quite ineffective at selling me on it.
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