Cause, meet effect
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In March a South African High Court heard a demand to ban the president of the African National Congress Youth League from singing the song Ayesaba Amagwala; the ruled the song unconstitutional hate speech for its incitement to "shoot the Boer", to the disappointment of the ANC, but the Freedom Front Plus were more enthusiastic. Yesterday another Afrikaner farmer was found hacked to death in his bed. This one was more notorious than most.
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Uh dude, Did you even one post down

(Granted, that FPP's text was somewhat opaque. )
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Yeah, I searched and everything. D'oh.
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(That said, this was more about the juxtaposition of the ruling on "hate speech" than Terr'Blanche as such.)
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This post makes more sense.
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Cause and effect = karma.
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Also, blaming Julius Malema for this guy getting hacked to death is a bit much. It was the result of an argument, apparently. And also:
The South African far-right leader Eugene Terreblanche has been granted bail pending the outcome of an appeal against a conviction for attempted murder.

Terreblanche, leader of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB), was sentenced to six years in jail for a beating in 1997 that left a black worker paralysed.
That guy should never have seen the outside of a jail cell, IMO.
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Cause and effect = karma.

don't quite agree. that's a linear equation. i've always understood karma to be closer to maintaining the balance of chi, yin and yang, good and bad, give adn take etc the polarisation in the world.

more deep thoughts on za all got lost in the previous fpp now that its been deleted
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Plus, lots of time in the real world, bad acts are rewarded. For example, Koch Industries funds global warming denial, forestalls green energy regulation, reaps profits. etc.
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Terre'Blanche believed that Black Africans were subhuman and capable of nothing other than the lowest forms of menial labor. In general, I'm not a big fan of murder. Yet, as he was being hacked to death, I hope he realized he may have miscalculated.
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more deep thoughts on za all got lost in the previous fpp now that its been deleted

Praise the lord
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ya, hallelujah indeed:-)
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Yes allen.spaulding, black people are very good at hacking people to death too.
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And now they claim that this means war.
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A court has ruled that the lyrics are unconstitutional and are hate speech. The ANC has said it will challenge that ruling in a higher court.

The ANC insists the song is a valuable part of its cultural heritage and that the lyrics — which also refer to the farmers as thieves and rapists — are not intended literally and are therefore not hate speech.

To be frank, that seems like the sort of position a complete moron would take.
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yes. That is all.
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Louis Theroux interviewed him for Weird Weekends. Worth watching to get a flavour for the man.
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