Does that aggravate ya? Huh? Damn right it does.
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Len Cella is a former housepainter from Broomall, Pennsylvania. He has been making short, stupid movies since long before Youtube (or indeed its userbase) was a gleam in anyone's eye. His dedication to his craft managed to get some of his Moron Movies on the Carson show. Moron Movies (1985) and More Moron Movies (1986) appeared on VHS, and have been popping up in discount bins ever since. Amazingly, they are not currently in print. You've heard of outsider music -- now enjoy a little outsider comedy.

His comeback movie is titled CRAP (For People with Pisspoor Upbringing), and it appears to be honestly titled. Still, I am helplessly fond of the stuff, having stumbled on these tapes in an Alfalfa Video at an impressionable age. The white lettering intro pages deliver a nostalgia hit. And I will always laugh at "Artificial Heart Recalled."
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I was too young to watch most of the Carson show at that time, but I see the connection: They also used to show clips of his on the Ed McMahon/Dick Clark "Bloopers & Practical Jokes" series, under the title "Len Cella's Silly Cinema". This brings back a lot of memories. Thanks for bringing these to the Blue!
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Oh man, I had completely forgotten about Moron Movies. One of the many weird, wonderful artifacts I'm perennially unsure if I had imagined during childhood. Thanks, CE.
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Fucking awesome.
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Wow, that CRAP trailer is made of anger and sadness.
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since long before Youtube (or indeed its userbase) was a gleam in anyone's eye.

I must have failed to notice that red light blinking in my palm.

And I won't be mailing a check to Pennsylvania for some shit, piss, and toilet gags.
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Also I forgot to add that the CRAP trailer is NSFW in places, although, frankly, you will probably have averted your eyes in sadness before that point.
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The sadness I can see. Where is the anger?
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There are some who would say that just because someone's doing what he loves doesn't mean that he should be encouraged.

They are wrong.
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Sometimes I get creative urges. During those times I am glad there are people like Len to convince me to stifle them.
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Sometimes you follow your heart; sometimes, your heart cuts a fart.

That's the cosmic shame.
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Yeah, I remember Moron Movies in the Carson show (along with their watered-down cousins in the Bloopers' series "Silly Cinema"). Though I don't see my two favourite Moron Movies here:

1. the one where Len uses a full-size Shredded Wheat as a scouring pad in a sink ("Some people actually put these things in their mouths"); and

2. the one entitled "Shy Bra Salesman", which is five seconds of Len hiding behind a tree while nervously dangling a bra to one side.

But yeah, I think I'll stay away from CRAP. Adding swear words seems to be a cover-up for lack of material, I'm afraid.
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I vaguely remember something called "Len Cella's Silly Cinemas"...! Been years since it crossed my mind!
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I remember Len Cella's silly cinema!! If it weren't for this post then it probably would never have entered my brain ever again. This one just about sums him/it up.
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It's not that he's just now adding swear words, but that they cherry-picked his clean ones to air on free TV. Just track down his King Dong sketch for proof of that.

Regardless, I love that he's STILL making these. It's one thing to dick around with a video camera when you're 14, it's another to spend decades making goofy movies when you're old enough to know better.
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Holy crap, I haven't thought about moron movies in decades. Excellent post, thanks for jarring yet another nugget from my old and failing memory!
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I prefer to imagine Len Cella is as self aware about what he does as Bruce Nauman or William Wegman but i can't find any interviews to support that.

must be some kinda jerk.
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Holy crap. I remember renting one of these videos from Mr. Video in Glenville. I also remember watching 15 minutes of it before saying to myself, "these are terrible." But now I can't look away. I feel like we've all shared something terrible and intimate with this man.
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Why'd you run through the wall, didn't you see the wall?

Hang on, I'll go around and pull you out.
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These are great! Thanks, Countess Elena.

The CRAP trailer is sad-making, though.
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Just track down his King Dong sketch for proof of that.
tracked down.
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