Better than Paganini
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Condomise, sings Babsi! Babsi, born 1933, playing the song Mabelete (Bitches) on the "Fenjoro" which he built from a plastic container, wood and strings from a handbrake cable of a car: it normally has 4 strings like the violin, but one broke.
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Cool axe, good tunes.
posted by Jode at 6:54 AM on April 5, 2010

Wow, neat.
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People will make music no matter what. Even if they only have scrap to make it with.

Great stuff. Thanks.
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This is too cool. I love finding homemade instruments being played.
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I'm hoping Kutiman (or someone like him) makes a follow-up to Thru-You with musicians from more diverse locations. It's awesome what he did with traditional western instruments and people on their webcams or whatnot, but there is so much more out there, waiting to be discovered by the world at large.

What I'm saying is not everyone is lucky enough to hang out with flapjax at midnight online, and I feel sorry for them.
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This shows that when you love something only takes ingenuity.
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I guess I wouldn't be the first guy to notice that South African music and zydeco have some serious similarities going on. But god damn, you can hear an awful lot of Canray Fontenot in this guy. Something about the shape of the melody he's singing, and the real heavy sort of foot-dragging syncopation on the fiddle playing, and I don't even know what else. This is completely fantastic, thanks.
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Here's another one of the guy, this time on guitar, and check out that (self-taught, I'm guessing) left hand technique!
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Newsflash! The excellent Bokete7 YT channel has JUST added another from Babsi. Check it out!
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-pipedream- someone needs to do Alan Lomax field recordings and have them sell records so that these people can get paid at least a bit of how many youtube views these videos get /pipedream
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