More Bush Bashing
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More Bush Bashing Do we really want tweens turning to the internet for their sex ed answers. Seems to me after the recent MeFi post on UK kid's misconceptions, the dollars could have been spent on reality, rather than Bush's archaic ideals.
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Well, not to clog up the front page. But I think Bush is barking up the wrong tree here. teaching children about abstinence is fantastic, and we by all means should do it. However, we should compliment that with safe sex education. It is widely known that if something is taboo, the more appealing it is to kids.

I also think we should pass out free condoms in school. Yet they say that causes sexual activity. No, alcohol causes sexual activity, when was the last time you heard someone got laid because they had too many condoms at a frat party?
posted by remlapm at 1:09 PM on July 17, 2001

Yeah... there's a big difference between abstinence education and abstinence-only education.

But c'mon, it's not like this is the most blind-to-the-facts thing Bush has done since becoming President. Hell, it's probably not even the most conscientiously absurd thing he's done this week...
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Most European countries offer lots of sex education. Most European countries have no where near the number of under age girls giving birth or getting pregnant. And they also have no problem with offering abortions and having to worry about getting shot down for so doing.
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From the article...
She continued with a study finding that young people are "crying for" instruction on "how to say 'no' to [their] partner[s] without hurting their feelings."

Sheeiiiitt... when I was a teenager, I was crying for instruction on how to get girls to say 'yes.' Surely I wasn't the only one.
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