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Family of four maintains a book review blog as hobby A New York Times story of family spending time together via blogging their book reviews. So far, 600 followers and media credentials for the 2010 BookExpo America. Oh yeah, and book reports are easier.
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Reviewed authors comment on the posts, and publishers send the family advance copies and review copies. The Lateiners say they average a dozen books a day at their doorstep, and they have been invited to attend the 2010 BookExpo America in Manhattan next month with press credentials.

BRB, starting a book review blog.
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Yeah me too.
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I don't think I will follow the blog though.
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Jesus, a dozen books a day? My to-read pile is big enough! That sounds nightmarish.
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the Lateiners have reviewed 27 books and attracted nearly 600 followers

Free books from major publishing houses after just 27 reviews? I smell propaganda from the book industry, and an underresearched story.

As a book logging veteran, be it in another language, I must add, yes, once your book reviews get known publishers will offer to send you free copies -- but hardly ever of books you'd like to read. People'll even send you their unreadable manuscripts, and start to e-mail you threateningly, if you don't response fast enough to their liking.

Newspapers and magazines will offer you reviewing jobs, but don't want to pay you much or pay you at all, since you would have done it anyway, isn't it?

This morning I had a German bookseller ordering 10 books of a writer, just because my boeklog ranked highest on Google when it came to that title. And he isn't the only one doing such remarkable stupid things. Today I wonder again if it really is worth all the trouble.
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The Lateiners work at attracting followers through frequent contests in which they give away a signed book or a Nook e-book reader.

How can they afford this?
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The Nook is less than $300 and they probably pull in some income from the blog itself. As far as hobbies go, I'm sure you could find some more expensive ones. Some families have "frequent" ski vacations.
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too much purple.
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27 books since July? Ree-a-ally. Whoop-dee-doo. These people are nowhere on my book-blog radar, nor do I think they will be making any future appearances there. Compared to people like Betsy Bird* and similar crew, these folks are hobbyists. I applaud their family fun and I think it's a great idea, but there's absolutely no cause for NYT breathiness.

(*Yes, Ms.Bird is paid now, but as the article states, she was blogging independently for two years before that started.)
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