Behind the Lizzie Grubman story
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Behind the Lizzie Grubman story Publicist with clients including Britney Spears runs SUV into crowd of 15 outside a club. Her dad is a major recording industry attorney, representing Michael Jackson, Sting, Elton John and Bruce Springsteen. But it's not a good enough story to take national? "Missing interns, shark-bitten 8-year-olds and murdered wives of has-been stars are OK, though."
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i'm afraid to post anything. I work in the advertising/PR biz...far removed from NYC/LA...but still, you don't know what those people are capable of...
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Well, it got a couple of pages in Time magazine [TOC, article not available online yet] this week; seems national to me. Admittedly, it's the first I've heard about it, after overloading on Condit-Levy
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When did publicists become celebrities? Maybe it's because I'm not in NY or LA, but I've never heard of her until this story and I don't see why I should've known who she was.
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She was not a celebrity till the papers and tv in the East made her one because of what she had she has a law suite from the bouncer for 27 million. and there are some 28 others she injured. What seems to have caught the fancy of many in this story is that it involves Class (the secret religion in America). she had called the bouncer a redneck or some such to indicate he was beneath her. The thing took place at a bar owned (I believe) by her ex boyfriend, and he was a client. She had done lots of drinking and was moving on to another spot. The claim now is that she was both bombed and had taken drugs...what's a poro girl to do.
Not national because the woman not a former intern for a national figure. But judge not. So she smashed into some 30 people. We have not heard her side of the story yet...kidding.
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she smashed into the people, then ran away leaving her friends inside the car. Now she claims it was an accident.

What is really irking some people is the special treatment she's been getting. Charged with many felonies, yet she was not drug or drunk tested at the scene, or back at the cop house because her high-priced lawyer showed up. Furthermore she was released on $25,000 bail. Meanwhile that same day in the Bronx a poor kid was given $48,000 bail for stealing a bicycle.
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It's international: at least, it made it to the Guardian, simply because it's such a great fable of life between the Hamptons and Manhattan. Take someone famous for having her picture taken at parties, add a SUV and the words "fuck you, you white trash", and you've got a deeply satisfying case of tall poppy syndrome.

Of course, now she's got her own uber-publicist to spin this.

(Ooh, she was at NWU, as well: MeFi calling maura, MeFi calling maura...)
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I hope this gets a lot of press. This is a great opportunity for the Judicial System to stand up and proclaim that money and influence can't buy an acquittal.

(Uh... Yessir. Sorry sir.) Um, what I meant to say was leave the poor girl alone, she's been through enough.
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(i think i missed her by a year or two. she's 30, i'm 26, she left after 2 years, so she probably split in '91 ...)
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allegedly shouting, “F - - - you, white trash.”

To me it sounds like the reporter is heavily biased...
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