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SepiaTown lets you view and share thousands of mapped historical images from around the globe.

Note: Street View may require adjustment for precise matching with the historical image
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Thanks for this post. I really like the history/mapping interchange (I'm a historian and work with historical photos myself). I wonder if there is a similar sort of mash-up identifying the exact spot "historic" events took place, e.g., "JFK was shot right here." (Sorry, no time to look it up...) If there isn't such a thing, maybe we should start it.
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This is great. While working on a NYC history project awhile back, I made a KML tool to map out the 6000 photos in the New York Public Library online collection, and it looks like that work is being croudsourced again here. My only concern is rights issues; the libraries that most of these images come from tend to be very picky about usage fees.
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Thanks for this!
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How do they account for photoshopped-submissions? (I assume some human somewhere reviews submissions?)
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