Stylized Doll-like Artist Jennifer Springman
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Jennifer Springman has been doing oil paintings of women with almost doll like features. Just wanted to share my favorite piece as well.
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Audrey Kawasaki does this a little bit differently and better, in my opinion.
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You cast a long shadow, Mark Ryden.
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My son has a couple of originals by Audrey Kawasaki, he picked them up a few years ago... Ever since then it seems that style has become the art equivalent of hot girls with ukes on youtube...
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Yes. It does seem as though you could just take Ryden, Kawasaki, and, I don't know, Marcel Dzama, a dash of Spümcø and some Trustafari notion of "street art," throw them in a bag, give it a shake, and knock out an infinite number of illustrators of this same type.

They're fine.
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Reminds me of a lighter version of Lori Earley's work.
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blaneyphoto - Kawasaki is beautiful yes, but better? This is art, it's tough to say someone is better when their styles aren't identical. It's all subjective. I doubt Ms. Springman is thinking, "How would Kawasaki do this?" I see where you could find similarities, but I don't think they're so similar that it diminishes anyone's work.
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I'm probably a philistine, but this just reminds me of Lisa Frank. Ditto on the Lori Earley.
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This is really boring. What about her body of work qualifies as art? (Did I really just ask that question?) I'm sorry, but you need to try a little harder to make me think, to open up my world, than churning out saucer-eyed nymphs with Barbie noses.
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Yes, b2walton I believe her work is better - in my opinion. Your opinion obviously differs.
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I normally like this sort of work (I've enjoyed Keane previously), but these seem too lifeless and by-rote for me. Not sure why or what it is that moves me for other similar artists, but not this one. Un-originality? That sounds like I'm being rude, without intending to be.
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Is this person a friend of yours? The following on Twitter and the mutual friending on Facebook makes me wonder why'd you'd feature an otherwise unremarkable illustrator.
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Just to be clear, I looked at the link before coming here to comment. I don't want you to think I just jumped on the bandwagon.
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What jamaro said -- both in LA, mutual FB friends... I smell an FPP for a pal.
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Yikes. That was me when I was young. Now just imagine those those girls with jowls. And wrinkles above my right eye from thinking...
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looks like illustration to me, not art certainly. would make cute t-shirts for the 8-11 year old set.
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This is art, it's tough to say someone is better when their styles aren't identical. It's all subjective.

I think some would argue that it's not all subjective. It's subjective when it comes to personal taste, and i guess that would also extend to "value" as well. But there are completely objective standards when it comes to execution, skill, purpose, etc.

And I happen to be a person who hates the "so-and-so does this better" argument when it comes to art. I think originality is over-rated, and sometimes you can't overtake someone unless you follow in their footsteps, etc. Art is full of chains of influence, homage, and downright theft. Simply pointing these connections out is rarely helpful critique.

I guess my point is there's no real contradiction in really liking these paintings and also acknowledging that Audrey Kawasaki is better, and Keane did it first.

My personal opinion on these is that almost all of these would be better paintings without the central figures in them. That probably sounds a lot snarkier than it should, but it's a compliment in a way. I think the artist made much better choices and shows a lot more skill in the execution of the backgrounds, painted borders and details than in the main figures. The basic mood and theme of the paintings is communicated strongly enough through the colors and layout, that the central figures are actually distracting from whatever the artist seems to be trying to get across.

Also, If I saw this collection in a gallery it would seem like a poorly edited show. The weaker pieces just don't hold up, and there's no real cohesive element running through the group. I could see one or two of the stronger pieces in a group show, but mostly this is an artist who probably has to put in a lot more studio time before she finds out what she's really good at.

Technically speaking, you have to first get really good at perspective, before you can paint convincingly in a flat style. I think the problem a lot of artists have coming up is that it's easy to look at the work of a stylized artist that you admire, and not realize that they spent years mastering the fundamentals first. All those boring life-drawing classes do serve a purpose.
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Yeah, but can she do Elvis on black velvet?
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commodity art
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jamaro- yes I follow this artist on FB and twitter, I also follow Perez Hilton, Chris Hardwick, Garfunkel & Oates, and Charlene Yi. I just wanted to share some art that I personally dig. Sorry you guys don't like it. It's a little creepy that you looked up who I follow on Twitter and Facebook. And what is an FPP?
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Thanks for the links to Keane and Kawasaki, I was unfamiliar with their work.
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And what is an FPP?

Front Page Post.
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oooo Bratz dolls!
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Yeah, I think this artist has a ways to go before she can even be mentioned in the company of Kawasaki.

I'm really tired of this big-eyed girl style of art, to be honest. It's everywhere and it's so cliched and dull at this point; it's hard to find an artist painting in this genre that rises above the growing herd. Sadly, I find this artist is not one of them.

Personal opinion and all that.
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