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FARD is nice little animated short about a man who comes into possession of an object which shines an new light on his reality. It's in French and there are no subtitles, but the dialogue is minimal and the story is easy to follow. [Via]
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And to think I *just* had a conversation about Cool World.

This was better, FYI.
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Yeah, that was excellent, really enjoyable. At first I thought, wow, what a great idea, making animation look as though it was shot on a hand held camera, then realized, of course, as the story progressed, that it no doubt started as film, shot, in fact, using a hand held camera.

Also loved the very creative representation of light in this film.

Cool stuff. Thanks, homunculus.
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Yeah, it's hard to make rotoscoping (or whatever they did which, I ASSUME was painting over live action) look any where near decent and this short turned the shortcomings of the method into assets.
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This is excellent.
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Truly amazing.

The stylized stuff reminded me a lot of Batman Beyond.
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What trope would this type of story be under on tvtropes? The "something terrible happens and then everything is reset" type of story.
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It also kind of resembles They Live in a lot of ways.
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So cool! Like Pleasantville meets District 9. I wasn't super satisfied at the ending, but it was great in general. If the lack of subtitles bothers anyone, here's more or less what's going on:

All the announcements are typical "next stop, ground floor" type things. The e-mail says: "Hi Oscar. I'm out today and I forgot a packet in my drawer. Take it. I'll stop by your house around 6pm to pick it up. Thanks in advance. Martin."

A worker stops by and says: "Congratulations on your presentation yesterday Oscar. The committee was very impressed." The face says "Have a nice day."

Oscar just exchanges "see you tonights", etc. with Lisa in the elevator.

For the messages, Martin first asks normally if he's got the package and says he'll be by soon. Then in the third message he says "I have a problem! I won't be able to get it right away! Hide the package! You hear me? Hide it!"

The men are just like, "get him!" Oscar and Lisa's argument basically consists of him yelling "Shut up! Look. Wait!"

I can't make out much of Oscar and Martin's fight in the sewer. Oscar's generally freaking out, Martin says something like "Look at what they've done to us" or "what they're going to do to us, in any way it's too late." Someone with better french skills than me will have to fill that in.

The agents say, "It's him." when the catch him. At the end, Martin's like "you're going through my things?" and the worker comes by and says "Congratulations on the presentation..."
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By the way, "fard" means "make-up" in french. If you speak "sans fard" = without any make-up = completely openly.
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That guy looks like Kratos
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I watched this yesterday and enjoyed it.

The Whelk: Did you mean Out of this World? Also it looks like it's more of a Cel-shaded type of style.
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I totally forgot about Out Of This World and yes it is a match.

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Very entertaining short; I'd love to see a full movie built on this concept.
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I expected more.
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It has shades of More, as well. (More has better music, though.)

On preview: Hah! There you go, humannaire.
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Huh, I forgot all about More.
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Solon and Thanks,

Thanks for the translation. What's hilarious is that I basically nailed it, by deriving a little (noveau message and such is pretty simple, and you could make out "presentation" with the worker) and guessing the rest of the way. Kind of a fun, yet very simple challenge in a way. The sewer part was of course the most ambiguous, but I imagined it was something along the lines of "crap, we're fucked" and "dude, shut up, I know we're fucked, look, we're in COLOR" and then "fuck, you did this to me!" and "you did this to YOURSELF" etc.

I rather wish it had gone someplace else—I wanted to see the beam applied more and watch more general freak out and malaise, but I appreciated its scarcity for what it was, too.
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