ACTA and the Wellington Declaration
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Russell Brown over at Publicaddress has written a decent post on the Wellington Declaration. The comments section is worth reading too.
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I'll wait for the mashup.
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Just so we're all clear: Copying something nondestructively is theft. However, selling a product and then removing features that you paid for over piracy concerns years later is not theft. Also Installing a rootkit on your PC is not hacking
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As one commenter says:

What a pity international governments don’t seem to be able to make an agreement to ration finite resources like tuna, atmospheric carbon or fossil fuels, but instead devote their time to making an international agreement enforcing controls over something that costs no resources to copy.

It's obvious: Already scarce goods (such as oil) are already rare and valuable. Infinite resources need to be made rare to be profitable.
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The US government is so committed to opening the text that they:
"hope that enough progress is made ... in clearing brackets from the text so that participants can be in a position to reach a consensus on sharing a meaningful text with the public.”
So you can see that they're working hard on revisions that may make it possible to open a discussion on a avenues of approach for a tentative public draft at some point in the future. The definite future, mind you, not some alternate reality one. It's not at all that the discussions are secret. It's just that the probable when, dear chicks, is not yet the positive now.
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probable relative when

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Read it and signed it. Scary business about Pharmac, especially.
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Late followup -- Michael Geist keynote at PublicACTA: The Truth About ACTA (mp3)
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