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Super Furry Animals live at the Highline Ballroom, NYC, 9.11.2009. (Previously)
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I refuse to click on any links while at work that might contain ironic yiffing.
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The Super Furry Animals is a band I should've gotten into by now, but have neglected them to my regret. They're the Welsh Flaming Lips in that way (and many other ways as well, though they're quite different in crucial respects).

Like always with SFA, I really like the first two songs I've listened to, but circumstances force me to leave the internet for now. Hopefully I can remember to return to this concert later.
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The video doesn't want to play for me, but it's not really that big a loss, since SFA haven't really recorded anything good after Fuzzy Logic anyway. Or maybe Radiator.
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Saying SFA haven't recorded anything good since Fuzzy Logic is akin to saying the Beatles never recorded anything good after Please Please Me.

I'm assuming your comment wasn't sarcastic so if it was then I apologize.
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Just kidding here. I think all their albums are great, although I happen to be especially fond of Mwng.
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I saw them open for Pavement in 1999. I had never heard of them. They were great.
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I think Dark Days/Light Years is one of the absolutely finest albums SFA has ever recorded. But I love just about everything they do. Gruff Rhys is my favorite rock star ever.

I was very disappointed they didn't tour with that album -- at least not extensively.

Kattullus -- I tend to think of the Flaming Lips as being the (inferior) American Super Furry Animals, but I'm not trying to get into a "your favorite band sucks" fight. I just think SFA is smarter and more fun and less "look at how quirky we are" than Flaming Lips. But to each his own. Definitely check out the concert.
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I went to a SFA / Grandaddy concert a few years ago. It was a fantastic combo.
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Super Furry Clasurol - film shown last week on S4C (Welsh TV) of SFA recording with Charles Hazlewood. Voiceover and much of the inter-band chat is in Welsh; press the owl for English subtitles.
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cpedia article

(Interestingly, I came across this totally randomly after someone mentioned the "Animals" cpedia article in the cpedia thread)
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