Project Vedos
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The main goal of Project Vedos is to study and teach alternative printing processes in photography and printmaking.
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I prefer my laser jet.
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Ooh. Very nice. I have said it before, even in the face of a completely digital photo world, as long as someone can mix chemicals and coat their own emulsions, there will always be film photography. Or maybe glass plate photography or tintypes or whatever. I'm still doing altproc printing. That's what I like about this, the processes that were once mainstream are now fringe weirdo alternative processes. But there are plenty of fringe weirdo alternative guys like me out there. Apparently their true home is in Finland.
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I truly appreciate the history and evolution of photography and ptinting; though, styles that do not produce the intent of the camera and artist capture, rarely earn my appreciation. I use digital because I feel it has surpassed film image quality. With digital I can create prints that resolve more color luminosity and depth than ever before. I create all of my photographs using the traditional emulsion process dispersing silver halide crystals in gelatin... Using lightjet printing to produce prints from digital images is a technology that is readily accessible. Though this print process is more expensive than inkjet, it can produce a quality identical to that of the famed Cibachrome print. For me the advances in print and photographic technology lets me concentrate more of my time creating art, instead of countless hours in arduous processing.
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