Benazir Bhutto Assassination Inquiry Completed by the UN
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I kind of wish Musharraf would follow through on his threat to sue the UN panel at the ICJ... that might actually be funny. It certainly would being more attention to the case than he would want, so imo it's all a bunch of hot air.
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Musharraf came to speak at my school in 2007. I sat thirty feet from him as he talked about his growing democracy and the blossoming civil society in Pakistan. One of his MPs even interrupted him during the speech to make a bad pun and Musharraf hardly batted an eye. I thought, "This guy might actually get it." Too soon, I guess. Once a tough, always a tough.
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The White Hat, my impression is that Musharraf is a mixed bag. He talks a pretty good game and some people I know say he even backs some of it up. But I've heard him in some sessions where the questioning gets tough and man does that guy get defensive. I'm not at all surprised to hear he's threatening to sue.
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Condy told Buhtto it was safe for her to return to Pakistan, (cough)PulpFiction(cough)
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It seems unsurprising to me that Condi et. al had a hand in her death, but, nonetheless, leaves me sad.
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Even Bhutto knew she was going to be assassinated someday. The ISS is just too powerful and the Pakistani military was never fond of her, either.

The really sad part is that she was corrupt, too.
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