Arrangement in Green and Black
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"I found a small print of Whistler's painting, Arrangement in Grey and Black: Portrait of the Painter's Mother, at a neighborhood garage sale. The same weekend, I found a leopard coat and hat, a 1950s cat painting, and what looked like the exact chair from Whistler's painting." Photographer Aline Smithson's series of portraits of her 85-year-old mother.
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This has to be the world's most patient mom.

And these are both humorous and beautiful.
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Well I was going to say something snarky like "Let's take up a pool and buy Aline Photoshop so her poor mother can take a break" but then I read this on her website:
My patient 85 year-old mother posed in over 20 ensembles, but unfortunately passed away before seeing the finished series. I am grateful for her sense of humor and the time this series allowed us to be together.
So instead I will simply write:

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The images are charming. I love the whimsy and that it was a Mom-daughter bonding time. I'm caring for my 85-year-old mom and these strike home.
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I am tearing up, seriously. What a great mother, and what fun.
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These are great. Her mom must have been fantastic.
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I especially love the straightjacket/blank wall combo.
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Excuse me, straitjacket. I know better than that.
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Just sent it to my own mom (she's 59) with the subject line "We need to do this."

Of course, her own hobby is taking pictures of what I like to call "vegetables in compromising positions," so...
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The grayish tone of the woman's skin is kinda ghastly but the pics are a lot of fun. I love the one with the patient dog in the elephant mask.
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