Que chupe, Montañas de Pastillas de Goma!
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Having zombie problems again? Perhaps a bloodless coup has installed you as dictator of your HOA? Don't worry - Spanish for Everyday Situations has you covered. (NSF lovers of correct Spanish grammar.)
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But we don't need no water! Because it's an electrical fire! For which a non-conductive chemical-powder extinguisher such as PKP would be far more appropriate!

¡Pero no necesitamos nada de agua! ¡Porque es un fuego eléctrico! ¡Para que un no conductivo extintor de polvo químico como PKP sería mucho más adecuado!

I am reminded of Latin Class - where one section got the story that started with "The girl is under the tree. The Girl is holding a book. The girl is happy!" and the other section got "The poet is singing. The poet singly badly. A dog bites the poet! The poet cries"

guess which group had more progress.
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"is singing" argh.
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Parece que los zombis no tienen ningún interés en mí. Me siento aliviado y, además, despreciado.

voluble bastardos
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Perdone, buen señor. ¿Podría usted tiene algunos cerebros frescos pude toma

Yes. Yes. Yes. Why do language books always teach you the old timey formal way of saying things?
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¿Qué el coger?
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Why do language books always teach you the old timey formal way of saying things?

Remnant of the Cold War era. Back then, you needed to know who was really lifelong citizen of your country, so you could alert McCarthy and Hoover when "John" asked you "Where might I purchase some petrol for my red automobile?"
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¡Oh, qué maravilloso. Estoy de pie junto a mí!
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Yo no le hablo a zombies.
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Kinda disappointed to learn that these are "basically just Google Translator output". Sure, they'll probably still convey the gist of things, but what if I happen across the señorita of my dreams while out zombie-hunting, only to embarrass myself with ungrammatical Spanish? This is no help at all.
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¡Cuidado! ¡Cuidado! ¡Cuidado! ¡Zombi del Llamas!
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The single most important word to know, in case of a Spanish-language nerd-related emergency situation, is the root word "caza", or "hunter". Let's say you're being attacked by angsty yet quippy vampires. The correct phrase is: "¡Ayudame! ¡Cazavampiros!" Gozer? "¡Por favor! ¡Cazaphantasmas!" The Penguin? "¡Cazadora! ¡Y tambien Batman!"

There is almost certainly a... yup, there it is, "Cazador de Zombis". Keep this one simple word in mind, and you to need never fear rubbery Spanish monsters again.
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Cortar la cabeza.
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Very annoying. I'm big on language learning and silly things like this - IF they had the correct grammar - are an excellent way to learn a language - because they're entertaining and because you learn complex sentence patterns just for fun.

But it's bad to learn wrong sentence patterns that way.

Protip: learn lyrics of popular songs, you'll have fun and learn patterns that people really use.
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I can't speak for the grammar, but reading the English alone has made me laugh for 2 days now.
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