Why are people kissing cortex's ass?
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I have noticed that Metafilter is failing its original premise. it is increasingly NOT a "best of the web" resource, nor is it a true "community weblog". It seems more like the private Josh Millard Fan Club. He posts his ego-ridden crap and his very bad folkie music, and people applaud him. So, to demonstrate my point, I have chosen some random threads from the last four years. Please note that the following are only a small sampling. There are many, many more. http://music.metafilter.com/858/88-Lines-About-44-Mefites http://music.metafilter.com/4483/Complicated-Avril-cover http://music.metafilter.com/4420/Rewrite http://music.metafilter.com/4403/Meanwhile http://music.metafilter.com/4398/Tell-It-All http://music.metafilter.com/4380/Get-You-Laid http://music.metafilter.com/4372/Stumble http://music.metafilter.com/1562/California-Dreamin-cover http://music.metafilter.com/1100/Nobody-Knows-You-When-Youre-Down-and-Out-Guthrie-cover http://music.metafilter.com/1573/On-The-Blue-With-Apologies-to-John-Coulter-Valve-Et-Al http://metatalk.metafilter.com/12608/Cortex-comes-through-again http://music.metafilter.com/480/Please-Stop-The-Asshattery http://metatalk.metafilter.com/11595/cortex-records-matthewchen-is-spamming And of course, cortex also has his own private half-assed "ironic" joke site that looks like Metafilter. I did not find it funny or ironic at all, merely sad. http://metafiltr.com Does ANYONE on MeFi EVER criticize cortex? I was unable to find any examples. (Although I did find some posts he deleted, for strange or meaningless reasons.) This blogger has a lot of harsh things to say about Metafilter and cortex. Is he right or wrong? http://shitplanet.org/2010/04/say-it-slowly-ey-ya-fy-alla-yoi-kull.html http://shitplanet.org/2008/05/metafilter-waste-of-electricity.html All the smart people have left Metafilter in disgust, I suspect. Leaving behind the Josh toadies and the cowards. It appears that the "moderation" of Metafilter is a failure. Please, prove me wrong, in a manner that is intellectually better than mere childish ad-hominem attacks. If you can offer some cogent and believable criticism of this post, maybe I'll post again--with evidence that MeFi's moderators are also suppressing posts that criticize Israel.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Really? I mean, go to Metatalk if you really want to do this I guess, but why in god's name would you make this a front page post? -- cortex

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5 minutes, tops.

Also: this is low-quality criticism.
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