The Man in the Red Checkered Shirt
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Working With Studs is a radio documentary about Studs Terkel. You will like it. Good production and tech notes, courtesy of
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Excellent resource. I've been a fan of Studs since i was a mere lad. Terkel's "Conversations with Myself" is hosted by MSU's Matrix oral history archive @ (mild self-link disclaimer: I worked at Matrix as a grad student 5 years ago).
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Awesome! thanks.
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So interesting to hear that a man so capable of eliciting very personal responses from others was so uncomfortable revealing his own emotions (as when Brando turned the tables on him 80% of the way through the audio). Perhaps typical of some psychiatrists of his time. (I was raised by one.)
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Thanks, Tim, look forward to listening. Ol' Studs was the man.
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This is awesome - thanks for sharing. Division Street is still my favorite Studs.

Couple of recent books in the Studs tradition, though from different parts of the world: Murakami's Underground and Liao Yiwu's Corpse Walker. Murakami even credits Studs in the foreword to his book, which I thought was pretty cool. Both books are terrific if you like this kind of thing.
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People talking about Studs Terkel, we've come full circle.
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Should be at least a few interviews and such on I remember when they were airing and they appear to still be available.
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Looking forward to this. Always loved how Studs stole the show out from under Garrison Keillor whenever he did PHC.
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I first thought this post was about Steve Urkel instead of Studs Terkel.

You can imagine my reaction...
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Working With Studs

This post contains neither home improvement advice nor gay porn. You'll be hearing from my attorney.
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The Studs Terkel archive is housed at the Chicago History Museum. 5500 reels of the radio show, transcripts and 2150 recordings of interviews.

I didn't hear Studs too many times, but when I did I had to listen. The definition of vox populi.
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You will like it.

I just don't get the universal love for Studs. He was an okay commentator, but nothin' special.
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No, I will love it. I love him. He captures the spirit of Chicago.
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