A Wild Nobility
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Something very strange has been happening across London clubland this Spring. The Antsignal has gone up over the city, and the Antpeople have crawled out from their mounds to hail the unexpected return of their insect overlord. An Adam Ant Exclusive by Simon Price

"I am Adam Ant, I dress up funny, that's what I do for a living, The End."

Adam Ant is back, turning up for unannounced "guerrilla gigs" all over London. His first show in 15-years, a Pirate Metal Extravaganza, is scheduled for April 30th at The Scala.
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Subtle innuendos follow, I bet.
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Don't tread on an ant
he's done nothing to you
there might come a day
when he's treading on you
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I can't wait to join their insect nation.
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Well that was weird: he sings, sounds, acts and looks more like Axl Rose than Adam Ant in the linked "guerilla gigs" clip (the second clip, as the first is just noise then silence). It's a really weird song choice, given that it has a kind of barroom, mid 80's-hair-metal musical style that's totally at odds with the musical stylings Ant is famous for.
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Ridicule is nothing to be scared of.
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I'm still waiting for the subtle innuendos that I was told would follow.

*taps foot*
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Well, Halloween Jack, you must insist upon them Adamantly.
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Great read. I spent many years ashamed of my Adam Ant fandom. Indeed, one of my most humiliating memories is the day I purchased the "Strip" album, with its ludicrous Adam-on-a-bed-of-hay cover and had to walk around for several hours with it in a clear bag. I had struck a punk rock pose at that time, you see, and somehow that album cover didn't say anything remotely related to punk.

Anyhow, I listened to "Physical (You're So)" quite by accident a couple years ago and fell in love with his music (and his oddness) all over again.

So, welcome back Adam. Hope your new album is a return to glorious form and not Wonderful at all.
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Adam Ant is an immense part of the making of me. He hit just at the right time. I hope this comeback is everything it should be and I hope more than anything that he's OK. People like him are too precious for us to lose.
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Adam Ant Trivia: he started wearing pirate gear after he was gobbed (spat) upon at least once too often by punk audiences, and then suffered from Conjunctivitis. His doctor advised him to wear an eye-patch, and the rest is fashion-history.
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These shows are great! When he comes back out for the encore he brains you with an HIT-100F
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Nomads, baby. Nomads.
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World Gone Wild is a 1988 post-apocalyptic Mad-Max knock-off movie where cult-leader Adam Ant reads from the book of 'The Wit and Wisdom of Charles Manson', and good-guy Bruce Dern smokes dope.

Also, A. Ant does some funny time-twisted dancing in Derek Jarman's Jubilee.
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Of course, They Might Be Giants predicted these events nearly fifteen years ago with the song "XTC Vs. Adam Ant":

"Just when you think it's finished / With XTC on top/
Antmusic like a phoenix / Rises back up the charts."
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King of the Wild Frontier is always my argument genrating vote for best album of the 80's, but that interview made me uncomfortable. It sounded weirdly, eerily, like the crazy rantings of one of my former housemates who was a person otherwise as unlike Adam Ant as possible (aside from being a musician). Not too stoked to have been reminded of highly uncomfortable interactions I haven't thought of in years via an interview with Adam Ant, of all things.

So, hrm. Good for Adam, I guess? I don't know. I think I can see why his friends might be concerned about him being out in front of an audience again. I was pleased to see him looking more like himself at Malcolm's funeral procession.

Previous Burundi Beat post. It's a good'un.
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you must insist upon them Adamantly.

To rant, pant or throw a tantrum is not a good mantra. It can't be done without antagonism or a fantastically slanted POV.
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The devil take your stereo. And your record collection.
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[sings backing chorus for gimonca] Wup wup, ah diddly wup wup, ah diddly wup wup, ah diddly wup wup, ah diddly...
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I was excited because it sounded like this Adam Ant was coming back.
He lives in an anthill. We haven't seen him for a while. He fights crime. It's almost like the Dark Knight Returns in a way. Almost mythic in its revitalizing of the return of the heroic ... ok, maybe not.
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Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been?
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In my first interview with The Face I went on and on, I was a very serious young man, about not having an original thought. Well, I did, but its an eclectic originality. People talk about genius, do me a favour there's five in a fucking century. Picasso, Stravinsky, Dali, the bloke that invented penicillin, Stephen Hawking. I'd have a job remembering more. A genius is someone who is going to do something that isn't in the book. Everything else is eclectic genius.

He's certifiably off his rocker but he's terrific.
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I'm a friend of a friend of a friend (can I come in free?)
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Strange Interlude: Of course, They Might Be Giants predicted these events nearly fifteen years ago with the song "XTC Vs. Adam Ant"

Dude. Not cool. Not cool at all. This is supposed to be the thread where I laugh at other people whining about how old they feel. It is not supposed to be a thread that makes me personally feel old. Boo to you!
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Best sort of junk-punk-journalism (I think I just made up that phrase).
Great read, maybe a bit mawkish at times - but it's first rate mawk!

Thanks so much.
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The question is:

when time goes by will soon
the one be five young hombres
burning fire
they'll be in no doubt
which side of the fence they are on
prick up your ears
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Follow-up: Adam Ant sectioned (again).
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