Growing Up Heroes
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See also the Growing Up Star Wars: 1977-1985 photo pool on Flickr... brothers and sisters in Star Wars outfits, friends holding Star Wars toys, people ensconced in velour shirts, and full-on color-striped tube-socks worn right up to the knee! (oh, '70s and '80s, when tube socks reigned supreme (one imagines people wearing them to weddings of the time))
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At 32, I kind of want that Dr. Doom costume.
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Also featuring Daft Punk.
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This homemade R2 costume circa 1979 is all kinds of awesome.
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Yes that Doom pic is definitely my new desktop khaibit :)

She Ra just makes me smile , and the Hulk in pink pants?

more -- Imaginary Hero: Bat Man: Captain Kirk: Yoda : Superman: ewok: Robot: Spidey
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my daughter with Hulk fists -one may question the wisdom of teaching a 3 1/2 year old about the Hulk and his catchphrase "Hulk Smash!"... I guess we're not the smartest parents.

She does know a lot about superheroes though, YouTube clips ofthe 60s Spiderman cartoon and then SpiderMan and Freinds being her gateway drug. Now she demands I read her a Superhero Squad story every night.

Today she told me Wolverune was her favourite, because of his kitty claws. I was so proud.

When she is older I will teach her the ways of the Bat.
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This Superman leap photo is a fantastic image of being an awesome little kid.
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