The Rosetta Project
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The Rosetta Project is an online collection of mostly children's books from the late 19th and early 20th centuries complete with illustrations (previously).

The collection contains Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Children's Stories by Charles Dickens, Peter Rabbit, Pilgrim's Progess and many more illustrated by the likes of Walt McDougall, John Tenniel, and Frederick Richardson. They also have many books in multiple languages.

I found this after searching for the head-scratchingly titled story "The Warty Proletariat".
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Wow- This project is out of Searsport?
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The Peter Rabbit book is the first book that I remember my mother reading to me, although it's the illustrations I remember most. So I guess that makes it the book my mother showed me.
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Wow, I knew I'd seen something like this before but now I know where.

Funny, I don't remember my (Peter's) father being eaten in a pie. The predominate point of the story to my childhood mind was getting under that gate, into the forbidden garden.
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