I would have named mine "The Game is Rigged"
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Twitter+Kentucky Derby+The Wire:The Greatest Hashtag of All Time slgawkersite

Evidently originating from the mind of Jason Gay at the WSJ, a grand list of names for Derby winning horses named after the Wire. Because, after all, someday we'll all be rich enough to own racing horses and be able to name them after our hearts' desires.

I saw this on Deadspin, which I know is part of Gawker, which is a Mefi bad thing, and it's twitter, which is hit or miss, but it's also the Wire, so I figured in some sort of MeFalgebra, it would work out. Good enough for a chuckle. Much obliged.
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The whole phenomenon is hit or miss.

Alma Dearest and Hamsterdam: meh.

Detective Freamon's Tweedy Impertinence and Cross-Eyed in West Baltimore: hilarious!
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Detective Freamon's Tweedy Impertinence sounds like one of those Amazon PayPhrase things.
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Matt Sussman's picture-comment below there makes it all worthwhile.
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previously! (self-link)

I've always wanted to be able to say "previously" over here.

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If there was a chance that the Kentucky Derby ended with Nut Deep In Random Pussy winning by a length, I bet a lot more people would watch it.

In a perfect world, That's Some Spiderman Shit Right There would place, and You Happy Now Bitch, or possibly I Got The Shotgun, You Got The Briefcase would show, but however that played out, the announcer would get a free pass into comedy heaven for sure.
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Keep Fucking That Chicken
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::light's pretend joint::
That's good shit.
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Many of these could be Culture ship names…
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McNulty Youre An Asshole
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Needs more Cheese.
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Fuck did I do?
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