The Amazing Inventions of Steven M. Johnson
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Steven M. Johnson is a prolific inventor whose designs revolutionize everything from office apparel to recreational vehicles to basketball. Many of of these inventions are found in his 1984 book What the World Needs Now.
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Forgot the via.
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a prolific inventor whose designs revolutionize everything

For a minute there, I wondered why you didn't use the past tense: revolutionized. Now I know.
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Love the pre-dented cars idea. Designed by Diesel. Thanks for the links.
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He's a one-man halfbakery.
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This guy is awesome. Thanks!
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"Sanitized Reincarnated Garbage" makes me think of Courtney Love's new band, which makes me think I've been reading too many gossip magazines.

Those RVs are AWESOME. But the Treadarounds...why not just jog?
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This guy has never played basketball.
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There's a short interview with Johnson.

And I'll mention the similar but long out of print book by Jacques Carelman, Catalog of Fantastic Things, about which little can be found on the web.
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Actually, there is some nice stuff about Carelman on the web, just not in english.
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I think someone stole some of his shoe ideas, particularly the "wing tip" collection!
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There's a wonderful 1970's "feel" to his art and even ideas. I think I remember them from the first time around, but more recently was reintroduced to him in this New York times opinion piece on his work.
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I love the two-tie shirts.
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I get rather annoyed whenever I see another so called "inventor" offer half baked ideas to solve life's problems. I haven't had a chance to view all of his work, but one in particular struck me as extremely impractical. The one I referring to is the "Hide-a-Shower" midway down the page in this link. As a young women is shown entering the shower, I assume that is the target demographic. A back of the envelope guesstimate for the weight of a sofa is about one hundred and fifty pounds. Adding the weight of necessary plumbing and residual water, I don't think it is far fetched for the actual weight of the sofa to be in the neighborhood of two hundred pounds. Anyone familiar with basic mechanics knows that would require the woman in question to be able to lift one hundred pounds to enable the sofa to be raised to the vertical position. Not very likely! I also see problems with plumbing connections to the existing service and drain lines, but I suppose that could be solved with braided flexible stainless steel lines. I can see no indication for the inclusion of basic shower stall items such as a soap dish or towel rack which very likely will clash with normal living room decor. You may call me overcritical, but I think it is my duty to point out these basic design flaws before the inventor is declared the next Thomas Edison.
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Obligatory chindogu link.
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