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GENETOS is the history of Shoot-em-ups in a single game. Take on everything ranging from Space Invaders-like aliens to 21st Century bullet hell. Power up your craft (by collecting green and blue bits and blobs) with innovations like slow-motion, super bombs, lock-on lasers, and the ability to move vertically. (Windows only)

Tips: If you take your finger off the "fire" key, power ups move toward you (at ship level 3 or higher). At ship level 5, an enemy bullet that just grazes the ship gets deflected, and can damage enemies.
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I wonder why I haven't played this genre in a while?

(gets hit once)

Oh, I remember now.

(not a huge fan of perfectionistic gameplay mechanics)
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Okay, I wasn't nearly as bad at that as I expected to be. Really neat concept, and surprisingly fun as someone who likes the IDEA of the genre but frequently doesn't like the actual playing part (see: Ikaruga).

Got to the final generation, and whichever phase it was that has psychedelic rotating fetuses fucking my shit up. Cool game, and very pretty. I definitely liked the evolving mechanics.
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This made the indiegames rounds back in Dec/Jan. Mediafire mirror of version 1.00 (don't know what the latest is up to) via Gaf
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The last boss is awesome.

"Why can't I kill this guy? Why won't more of the power up blocks spawn so I can move up a generation? Oh, here we go, this should push me over the edge and I hope it should get a bit easie- *everything on screen explodes and dies* oh. Oh. OH. AHAHAHAHAHAHA THIS OWNS" -Me, two minutes ago
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There is a noticeable jump in difficulty from "Standard User" to "Programmer". I'm going to bed now before my swearing gets any louder.
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Boo, it crashes on load for me. I want to see the fetuses!
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I won't get to play this until tonight, but I'm looking forward to it. The shift towards "bullet hell" will be awesome!
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I was not expecting this to be as enjoyable as it is. Playing this on a keyboard is difficult tho.
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