Rough Trade
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Do It Yourself: The Story of Rough Trade (goog vid, BBC, 1:28) The history of the legendary indie label/shop, home to such bands as Scritti Politti, The Smiths, The Fall, Cabaret Voltaire, The Feelies, Robert Wyatt, The Slits, and many more.
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This post is having a cosmic alignment with the post directly above it.

(also Yaaay, I had/have like half of RT's entire output)
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This is a really entertaining doc—watched it last month. There's something I really love about that alchemical mix of punk, Jamaican music and... I dunno... London-ness.

Nice to see bands like Desperate Bicycles and other lesser-known groups getting their due too!
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I can't watch this until I'm at home but I am stoked. Rough Trade was always a staff favorite when I worked in record stores. Robert Wyatt, Shelleyan Orphan, Float Up C.P. (featuring Neneh Cherry in 1986) and the Sundays were favorites.

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Mayo Thompson looking sharp as hell.
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Awesome, awesome, awesome. Thanks for posting this, puny human. I was a huge Scritti Politti fan in my youth (queued up at HMV Oxford St. to get my copy of Songs to Remember autographed -- Green was gracious and very, very tall).

I was too young to go to shows by most of this era's bands, but I still cherish a great love for all those shambolic postpunk Peel-approved sorts referenced here. I think I feel a vinyl flashback evening coming on.
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There's a nice preview of Rob Young's 190-page book here.

"Travis has variously said that the name Rough Trade was taken from a pulp S&M novel, or a moderately successful Canadian group featuring Carol Pope ..." Whatever, dear.
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I just had a Johnny Marrgasm.
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So that's what they're calling rough trade now, huh?
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That Duffy song at the top sounds a lot like UB-40's version of "Ooh Baby I Love Your Way" with vocals provided by a sick goat. Really, Rough Trade?
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Okay now that I've seen it at last: I'm struck by how many artists I was completely unaware were ever on Rough Trade to begin with, and that includes the Smiths. I lived my whole life in North America, and the Smiths were always a Sire band to me. Interesting. Same goes for Stiff Little Fingers, who I was unaware got their start on that label.

A great documentary, especially for anyone today who feels that bigger and bigger labels are the only way to get your music to a wide international audience. Great find.

Nice Bonus: you can "download for iPod", which means you can also watch it on a PS3. Sound was surprisingly decent quality.

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Having both The Smiths and The Strokes on your label is a huge achievement. I loved the first Libertines disc as well, though of course the band itself and all the nonsense outside of the music ensured their time was brief.

Back in high school I always thought the Carol Pope thing was just a coincidence and I still believe it but it's nice to have it mentioned.

Having seen the Factory/Tony Wilson doc this was a nice one to see as well. Didn't realize they distributed so many other labels including Mute and Beggars Banquet.
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